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About Us

Keep TransLink Public is an unaffiliated, independent coalition of citizens interested in the preservation of democracy and citizen engagement on a regional level. It was created by individual contributions and was made possible by the technical and artistic assistance of volunteer help.

Our Vision

We believe that Bill 43 represents a dramatic step backwards in the creation of a more accountable, responsive and transparent system of regional transportation governance.

Decision making over local issues like transit should be placed in the hands of people who the system serves. This will result in more accountable, responsive, and democratic government.

It is our belief that TransLink needs to be made more accountable to the public of the region, not less.

We Are:

Nathan Allan
Tenny Bache
Councillor Lisa Barrett (Bowen Island)
Dr. Patrick Condon
Mayor Derek Corrigan (Burnaby)
Councillor Heather Deal (Vancouver)
Graeme Desrosiers
Leslie Dickout
Jeremy Gruman
Michael Jones
Sian Madoc-Jones
Councillor Craig Keating (City of North Vancouver)
Daniel Moxon
Mayor Darrel Mussatto (City of North Vancouver)
Gordon Price
Blair Redlin
Andrew Seeton
Deming Smith
James Steidle
Councillor Harold Steves (Richmond)
Think City
Edo Van Breemen
Caroline Walker
Graeme Worthy